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national captioning institute >> it is one of the highest profile murders in the nation in years. today, closing arguments to
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place in the case anthony murder trial the 25-year-old orland woman is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee. >> good morning. >> the prosecution came out swinging casting casey anthony as a lying, selfish party girl who felt burdened by her party girl and saw only one way out. >> the conflict between the life that she wanted and the life that was thrust upon her was simply irreconcilable. she chose to sacrifice her child. >> the prosecutor said the murder was premeditated, once again showing the jury the duct tape found on her skull. >> there is no reason to put that tape over the face of a trout, living or dead. and that, ladies and gentlemen is proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> the defense stumble before the even started. the judge ruled that they could
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not bring up allegations of sexual abuse and incest because they never prove it. >> there is absolutely no evidence that the defendant was sexually molested by her father or her brother. >> anthony's lead attorney blizzard in on the lack of physical evidence, accusing prosecutors of creating an illusion. all they did was annihilate casey's character. >> if you think this is a lying no good slut, then you look at this evidence in a different light. oh, wait a minute, maybe i am seeing something that is not there. >> the truth is that casey panicked after caylee called in to the swimming pool and drowned. >> there is the proof. she was big enough and strong enough to open the door. >> there was palpable tension between the prosecution and the defense. at one point the defense called
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out the prosecutor for laughing at him. the judge immediately stop the proceedings. >> i am beginning to see that order or anything else may not mean a hell of a been to either of you. >> she is also charged with manslaughter and tragedy is pick -- and child abuse. each of them carry a 30-year sentence. if convicted of murder cup -- if convicted of murder, casey anthony could be sentenced to death. i spoke with david mark earlier tonight. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> a lot of senators are a bit upset that they have to come back on tuesday when they thought they have the week off. but imports and staff. >> there is unfinished business dealing with this debt ceiling it is essentially how much money
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the government can borrow. if there is not an agreement reached in the next three weeks there is big trouble ahead. the treasury department says that the default is coming. they seem to think that it is imperative that they reach a deal. >> it seems like a broken record. they have been saying that for months. what will be different? >> they are building of the best position. they're waiting for the best possible moment. republicans do not want to commit to any tax increase, any type of revenue raising. they're saying to cut spending. democrats say that we have to raise taxes do something different. they're still a good distance apart. but president obama is getting involved in these negotiations personally. they could maybe be some movement. >> could obama by press -- could obama bypass congress? >> not really. there has been speculation
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that the the debt ceiling is unconstitutional. it has not been delegated. it is not a fallback position. so they have gone ahead knowing that we need to pass legislation. >> we had bill clinton stepping in on this one, telling president obama not to blink request he said to force the the republicans to go one a tax increase -- not to blink. >> he said to force the republicans to go on a tax increase. for oil companies, that sort of thing, it seems like he has the upper hand politically. that seems to resonate with the public. i expect we will hear more of that from the white house. >> thank you so much. tomorrow, is the fourth of july. there are a number of events happening in the nation's capital to help you celebrate. mount vernon, the home of george washington will kick off his early at 9:30 a.m. there will be a number of the bench for the family, including
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the reading of the declaration of independence, far worse and a naturalization ceremony for 100 new u.s. citizens. at 11:45 a.m., it is the independence day parade along constitution avenue. 8:00 p.m. is the concert on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol. among the performers are steve martin, george roden and the national symphony orchestra. then we will take a look at the big events happening this week, including the nasa final shuttle launch. we will see the progress being made on the mlk memorial in washington, d.c. showers and thunderstorms are gone. what can we expect
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former u.s. senator and former presidential candidate john edwards is going to court. he it is facing charges of conspiracy and illegal campaign contributions. he is accused of using campaign contributions to cover up his extramarital affair. the trial is set to begin july 11. history will be made this friday at florida's kennedy space center can it is the final shuttle launch for nasa. as of tonight atlantis is getting set to take off for the international space station at 11:28 a.m. emission is set to last 12 days.
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four astronauts are on board that mission. russia will be the only nation in the world capable of taking astronauts to space after this mission. we will find out which city will hold the 2018 winter olympics. the international olympic committee will vote on wednesday. among the top contenders are munich germany and south korea. the duke and duchess of cambridge will be in charlottetown on prince edward island. the couple will attend a barbecue and take part in the much anticipated dragon boat race. it is supposed to be competing on separate boats. there will next head toward calgary. friday they will head to los angeles, california. they will spend three days there, hosting a british film reception among other things, before heading back to the u.k. that is the latest on the work -- and now the list on a
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work of the mlk memorial. earlier last week, a group of ministers got a sneak peek of the progress. >> the world will continue to be blessed because of this. >> dr. martin luther king was more than a hero. >> they marched together during the montgomery bus protests. >> he inspired him to become a preacher. more than 50 years after dr. king led the nation towards the equality towards all they were invited to the national memorial to reverend king. >> all of those messages. >> 14 inscription's all picked from kings around the memorial. >> i heard him in montgomery.
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>> the mountain of despair represents the civil-rights struggle. only they can describe to what it feels to walk out and witness the hope. >> it is phenomenal. >> there will be unveiling on august 28. >> for me, it is like standing on sacred ground. he is surrounded by his philosophy, his words. it is simply more than the man. it is what makes the man who he is. >> and memorial brought to light. >> uniquely blessed are the people of color. but the god blesses everyone. >> these ministers say it will face the test of time. the unique way to treat posttraumatic stress disorder for soldiers. it involves ancient techniques.
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and there's a lot going on tomorrow. the storms that we had earlier this evening will not be the story for tomorrow. outside, our nation's capital down pennsylvania avenue, it is perfect out there right now. there is a nice breeze and the
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air is beginning to dry out just a bit. if you were not able to see your field of the storm the cold front that moved through -- look at these wind gusts. imagine being downtown with the wind gusts of 72 m.p.h. around there were wind gusts up to 60 m.p.h. as you head to the north and the west -- gaithersburg got 47 miles per hour. the weather was above average for this time of year. it was mostly cloudy skies. the rain and the thunder has come to an end. satellite and radar, that's it. this will continue to drift toward the south and that will dissolve in the early morning hours. then we will see a chance of
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showers in the afternoon and evening. cooler air as well off to the north. the radar shows that cold front now on drifting away from the area. the high pressure is weekly bild. that means clearing skies. in the next 48 hours notice southern virginia. that is where that cold front is. and a couple of these showers may make it to the metro, but not much by tomorrow afternoon. there will be at high pressure that move this to the area by tuesday. then there will be clearing skies. the day tomorrow will be -- will have a slight chance of showers with the wind south and west. 84 degrees with the wind out of the west northwest at 3 miles to 8 miles per hour.
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there's a chance for showers on thursday and friday. is your online home for weather. we have a full photograph of gallery from of the storm earlier. hopefully the pictures will look different tomorrow. more barbeques. you are looking for an all- american dish for your fourth of july-, consider something presidential. there has been a long time fascination with the food they share with the powerful people who visit. >> we are what we eat. throughout history americans have looked to the kitchens of our duties in chief for inspiration. -- of our foodies in chief for inspiration. what is cooking for uncle sam? the archives look at how the
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federal government has imposed what we put on our table with a special spot from our present. >> one of the recipes we have here is for kenner knowledge chile, which was a favorite is his. it was so popular that they had cards printed up to sound out. >> this vegetable soup as the position of a five-star general for dwight eisenhower. >> he worked very hard to polish his craft. he often cooked as a form of relaxation. >> other presidents inspired americans to try new things. the simple dishes of the carter white house introduced to grits into the diets of many. but when eleanor roosevelt hired the family's longtime housekeeper to do their white house cooking -- >> president roosevelt complained bitterly about her
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cooking. -understand that people attended the state dinners did as well. >> . -- >> they got a place setting in history. it became popular in the 1970's, but the techniques are centuries old. a transcendental meditation helps soldiers
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more than 20% of soldiers
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returning from afghanistan suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. a new research suggests that one way to combat the symptoms lies within the mind. >> 27-year-old david george was deployed to iraq and sleeping in his caught when a car bomb exploded 25 yards away. >> i turned the lights on and i saw a white cloud that billowed into the room. all the windows were blown out at that point. then i started screaming. >> since then, he has struggled with ptsd. he is often anxious, angry, and oppressed. >> i was pretty sure i would shoot myself. >> when he came back, he was not the boy that i raised pit >> medications and therapy did not tell. but then he joined a steady four vets with ptsd using transcendental meditation a practice involving repeating a
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mantra. >> from then on, i knew what i would do for the rest of my life. it made me feel. it was the greatest sense that i lost. >> it has been published in this month's "military medicine." >> it has a 50% reduction in symptoms. >> he says that transcendental meditation settles down nervous systems. >> people become colmar. they become less reactive. less jumpy. >> george meditate twice a day and says he finally feels like himself again . >> there is something else then pills and therapy for substance abuse. it is yourself that you can always count on. >> george is working with operation boy and walden'swellness.

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